Uncategorized November 9, 2012

Inventory is still dropping!

Here are the numbers:

Whatcom County…a closer look

Last year we had 1,429 homes on the market in all of Whatcom County compared to 1,186 this year at the same time. That’s a 17% decline in inventory. Even with lower inventory homes continue to be selling much faster than less year. During the month of Oct sales were up 35.5% compared to last year and the number of pending sales was increased by 51%!

Lynden….let’s decipher the numbers.

Wow is inventory dropping!!! Last year in the month of Oct there were 150 homes on the market.  In 2012 during the same period there were just 92. That represents a 38.7% decrease. Sales were up 16.7% and pending homes were up a whopping 314.3%!!! Great news for sellers!!!

Bellingham…is anything different?

Nope. Same story. In Oct of 2011 we had 491 homes on the market compared to 397 at the same time this year. That’s a 19.1% decrease of homes for sale. Any guess as to whether homes are selling better than last year? Yep big time. In Oct sales were up 31.6% year over year and the number of pending homes is up 70%!!

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