Uncategorized Zero down loans in Whatcom County-New information Rumors are flying about the eligibility areas being changed. (specificially as it pertains to Lynden & Ferndale.  At this time, they are reviewing the eligiblity areas.  They cannot discuss any potential changes.  Any changes that may occur will be announced at least 30 days prior to the effective date. So… if you're wanting or needing to use a […]
Uncategorized Zero down loans going away in Whatcom County USDA has made an announcement changing the areas that are eligible tentatively effective October 1, 2012. With a USDA loan, buyers are currently able to secure a loan with no money down.These areas are no longer eligible for USDA financing due to the 2010 census results. The areas in Whatcom County that are affected by this […]
Uncategorized VanCorbach’s Real Estate Review You don’t have to be a realtor to see that the market has shifted and there has been a lot of real estate activity lately both nationally and locally.  Multiple offers, full price offers, &  bidding wars have become increasingly more common just recently.  The great news is that it’s not only the less expensive […]
Uncategorized How big of a home should I buy? Americans are now expanding their vision of how big a home they want to live in. The Census Bureau reports the average size of a newly built home in 2011 was 2480 square feet. That was 3.7% bigger than the average size in 2010 — and the first annual increase since 2007! Record-low interest rates […]
Uncategorized Sweet time to refinance! I just locked on an amazing interest rate and shaved off 13 yrs of my mortgage keeping the same payments. Only 2.875% for 15 years. That’s amazing. Don’t miss the boat!
Uncategorized Rentals in Whatcom County Thinking about buying a rental? There is a big demand right now but no inventory. Windermere Property Management here in Whatcom County manages 625 multi-family units (mostly apartments) and has only 4 available-less than 1% vacancy. They manage 69 condos and only have 2 available-just under 3% vacancy rate. And they manage 158 single family homes […]
Uncategorized Current interest rates Average 30-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage Holds at All-Time Record Low 30-year fixed-rate mortgage (FRM) averaged 3.87 percent with an average 0.8 point for the week ending February 9, 2012, matching last week when it also averaged 3.87 percent. Last year at this time, the 30-year FRM averaged 5.05 percent.
Uncategorized Pending home sales Getting ready for a recovery could be the theme of last week’s housing reports. Pending Home Sales, after hitting a 19-month high in November, dipped a bit for December, yet came in 5.6% above where they were a year ago. The National Association of Realtors chief economist observed, “Even with a modest decline, the preceding two […]
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Uncategorized Time to get off the fence  Here’s some important news about interest rates that you really need to see: As directed by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), the mortgage agencies, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, are required to increase the guarantee fee charged for all new mortgages financed on or after April 1, 2012. What does this mean? Rates on […]
Uncategorized Rent or buy? The Census Bureau reported that although the median sale price of new homes in October was down 15% over the last five years, it’s actually up 26% over the last ten. Home ownership is still a great investment and it could easily be one of the best times to buy ever in our lifetime!
Uncategorized 2012 Real Estate Prediction A recent economic forecast from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports existing home sales are expected to grow by 1.2% this year and 5.1% in 2012. And although the median existing home price is predicted to dip about 4% this year, it should recover and go UP 2.6% in 2012. Sales should also jump […]
Uncategorized Is is that big of a deal if interest rates go up? Yes!!!! Did you know that an increase of 1% on an interest rate for $100,000 = approx $12,000 dollars less house for the same payment? So if you are looking at getting a loan of say $250,000-$300,000 that would cost you $30,000-$36,000!!!  Rates are expected to go up. You better get on it! Call me […]
Uncategorized Lynden Foreclosures E-mail me and I’ll send you a free list of foreclosed or pre-foreclosed homes for sale in the Lynden area or in other area of Whatcom County.
Uncategorized Can you use VA financing for a rental home? Yes you can…Sometimes!  VA allows us to finance up to 4 units using VA financing as long as the borrower will occupy one unit as a primary residence.  This would apply to duplex, triplex, fourplex.  One parcel, one parcel #.  What about condos? A condominium is an individual property in itself with it’s own parcel […]
Uncategorized Who’s satellite dish is it? According to the language in the NWMLS purchase and sales agreement, when a buyer purchases a home from a seller anything fixed to the home is included in the sale unless stated otherwise.  What happens to the satellite dish that is fixed to the home? Shouldn’t it automatically transfer to the new buyer? The answer…? No it is neither the buyer […]
Uncategorized Can an investor get condo financing for non-owner occupied property? Here is the scenario…I have some buyers who would like to purchase a condo and they would like to buy the condo now and rent it out. In the meantime they will be attempting to sell their home. Once their home sells they would move into the condo. Creative way to buy their next home […]